Have you ever wanted to be involved in the theatre? Well now is your chance!

Wild Oats Productions recruited "Fairies" to support the London Premiere Production of Zanna, Don't!

If you would like further details of how to support future Wild Oats shows, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wildoatsproductions.com

Wild Oats gratefully acknowledges the support of all our Zanna Don't Fairies:

Nigel Bainbridge
Richard Benbow
Shawn Boyle
Ashley Brown
James P. Dodd
James Haddrell
Ian Luther

Sir Ian McKellen
Nick Moore
Dorothy Nichols
Trevor Nichols
Gary O’Sullivan
Norma Prior
J C Reilly

Josh Boyd Rochford
Pat Scutt
Ray Scutt
Shirley Sewell
George Stiles
Ian Templeton
Jackie Templeton

Glyn Turner
Sandie Vallance
Deborah Walsh
John Walsh
Gill Weston

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